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Missing Dixie by Caisey Quinn + Giveaway!

Title: Missing Dixie (Neon Dreams #3)
Author: Caisey Quinn
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Release Date: October 27, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / B&N / Indigo
Fighting for redemption…

I’ve lived most of my life in darkness, beneath the shadows of secrets and addictions. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt the only girl I’d ever loved—the one who brought me into the light. In my entire life I’d made one promise—a promise I’d intended to keep. I’ve broken that promise and now I have to live with the fallout. Dixie Lark hates me, and I have to tell her that I love her. I also have to tell a truth that might destroy us forever.

Can she love me even if she can’t forgive me?

Learning to move on…

Gavin Garrison broke his promise to my brother and he broke my heart in the process. I may never love anyone the way I’ve loved him, but at least I won’t spend my life wondering what if. We had our one night and he walked away. I’m finally beginning to move on when my brother’s wedding and a battle of the bands brings us back together.

Our band is getting a second chance, but I don’t know if I can give him one. How do you hand your heart back to the person who set it on fire once already?

With the first two books in her Neon Dreams trilogy, Caisey Quinn easily became one of my favourite authors when it comes to New Adult romance. And Missing Dixie? Well it broke my heart, put it back together, and it was the perfect conclusion to this story.

Gavin Garrison has always loved Dixie Lark. In a life filled with darkness, she’s been the one constant bright spot. The last thing Gavin has ever wanted to do was hurt Dixie, but now he has and is determined to make it right. In order to do so, he first has to put his life in order so he can have a chance at earning her forgiveness. But Dixie is done waiting for Gavin to make his choice. She can’t keep living her life wondering if Gavin will ever stop returning back to the darkness. She will always love him, even if loving him means letting him go. With the band reuniting for one last chance at what they’ve always wanted, Gavin and Dixie are being given a second chance at being together. But after everything that’s happened, are they willing to risk heartbreak once again?

Early in 2015, I read Leaving Amarillo and absolutely loved it. I was ecstatic to find out it was the first in a trilogy and I was wondering how the next two books would live up to this one. Then in the spring I read Loving Dallas and I loved it even more than the first book and that took me completely by surprise. And of course after that I was worried that the final book couldn’t possibly be able to live up to what I had it built up to in my mind. And now, well, I’ve already read Missing Dixie twice and I’m honestly ready to read it a third time when I pick up my copy next week. That’s how good it was. Missing Dixie was definitely darker than the other two books in the trilogy. Considering this was Gavin’s story, it had to be. And because of that darkness, there were times when Missing Dixie seriously broke my heart. But just as much as it felt like my heart was breaking, this story was also helping preparing the damage it was causing. After having finished the book, I would even have gone so far as to say that Missing Dixie was heartwarming. This is just a story that will give you ALL THE FEELINGS. I could go on and on about everything I felt while reading Missing Dixie because this story was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But it’s a rollercoaster that’s absolutely worth being on.

I have been rooting for Gavin and Dixie since the opening of Leaving Amarillo. I had high hopes and expectations for their romance. And had Missing Dixie not given me the happily ever after I so wanted for them, I would have been seriously angry. But Caisey Quinn didn’t let me down on that front. Getting to see so much of Dixie again was interesting. She’s grown so much since Leaving Amarillo, and in Missing Dixie she finally knows who she is and what (and who) she wants. I loved seeing that growth and the strength that came from that growth. And it’s just hard to not love Dixie what with the incredibly huge heart she has. And Gavin, well, he pretty much broke my heart. But in a good way. I knew from what had been said in the first two books that he hasn’t had an easy life. But getting to find out all about it from him just broke my heart. I wanted him to leave that darkness behind and do something for himself instead of always getting dragged back in his mom’s crap. But as much as Gavin’s story broke my heart, there were other times when he made my heart feel totally warm and happy. And he may have made me tear up once or twice. Just saying. More than Dixie and Gavin’s romance, the part of Missing Dixie that totally stole my heart was Liam’s story. I dare you not to have your heartbroken by this little boy’s story. But don’t worry, his story is not all heartbreak thanks to Gavin, Dixie, Dallas and Robyn.

Missing Dixie was everything I could have possibly hoped for. Caisey Quinn wrote a better conclusion than I could have ever hoped for these characters. This story broke my heart, put it back together, and took me on an emotional ride. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! <3 xxoo

  2. I loved this trilogy. Unlike you, I actually didn't love the second one as much as the first and the third but it was pretty close. I guess I'd just come to love Gavin and Dixie so much that Dallas couldn't hold a candle. I think I loved this one the best though because, like you said, it was a little dark. Gavin and Dixie went through a lot and I think it made them stronger in the end. Great review and I'm going to spread the word about the giveaway!

  3. this looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)


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