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Falling for the Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz

Title: Falling for the Wrong Guy
Author: Sara Hantz
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
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Ruby Davis has a crush on her brother’s best friend. At least, he was his bestie until the big betrayal. Now Drew is off limits to everyone, especially Ruby. She can’t stand the way people treat him, or the way he feels about himself. And those deep green eyes are calling to her.

Drew is scarred and damaged, and he has no business even looking at Ruby. But he can’t help himself. She’s beautiful, but he does his best to stay away. When they are assigned a school project, they become reluctant friends—even though they want so much more.

She’s torn between her feelings for Drew and loyalty to her brother. There’s no way they can ever ben together…but love just might find a way.

Stories that involve a girl and her brother’s best friend are pretty much my favourite thing to read ever. So whenever I find a book that features that kind of romance, I am all over it. And lucky for me, Sara Hantz’s Falling for the Wrong Guy was just that.

When Drew Scott shows up at school after a year away, Ruby Davis knows she should stay away, if only out of loyalty to her brother. After all, Drew was Blake’s best friend before everything changed. Now, Drew is off limits, but Ruby can’t deny the pull she feels towards him. When they get assigned to the same group for a school project, Ruby sees it as her opportunity to spend time with Drew without breaking her loyalty to her brother. As they become friends and quickly turn into something more, Drew knows he shouldn’t have feelings for Ruby. After everything that happens, he doesn’t deserve to be happy. But there are some feelings that are just too hard to deny.

I don’t really know why I love stories that feature a girl falling for her brother’s best friend. There’s just something about them that pretty much guarantees I’ll love the story every single time. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for stories that feature that particular trope and I’m always happy when I find a new one. So when I found out about Sara Hantz’s Falling for the Wrong Guy, I just knew I had to read it. I mean, not only was this a story about a girl falling in love with her brother’s best friend, but said best friend was also completely off limits and not for the typical reasons you see in this kind of scenario. So I was intrigued. I wanted to know what made Drew so off limits to Ruby. And what I got was a story with a lot more depth than I expected. And it make me like the book that much more. I mean, I love romance, but it’s always nice when there is something more below the surface. That’s exactly what Falling for the Wrong Guy was. And a lot of that additional depth had to do with what the different characters were going through.

Ruby was a great character. I loved her optimism when things weren’t always easy and I admired her loyalty to her brother. Even if at times that loyalty meant she wasn’t always doing things for herself. But most of all, I loved her compassion. To her, Drew was always more than his burn scars. It certainly helped that she had a father who was similarly afflicted, but for Ruby Drew’s car were just a part of who he was, not his entire personality. My only wish where Ruby as concerned was that she would push for what she wanted, instead of just going with everyone else’s wishes. There were times early on in the story where that side of Ruby would come out and I wanted to cheer her on. And I eventually got my wish which made me happy. And obviously I loved Ruby’s relationship with Drew. One of my favourite things about it was that they had a history. When there is a history involved, it just makes relationship that much better in my book. But outside of his relationship with Ruby, my heart really went out to Drew. The amount of guilt that boy carried over things that weren’t really his fault broke my heart. He deserved something good in his life, not to be treated like a leper because of the visible burn scars on his body. So when good things happened for him, I was happy.

I really enjoyed reading Sara Hantz’s Falling for the Wrong Guy. It was a cute romance between a girl and her brother’s best friend that made my heart happy. If you’re in the market for a fun contemporary romance with a little more depth, this is the book for you.

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