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One Life by A.J. Pine + Giveaway!

Title: One Life (Only You #2)
Author: A.J. Pine
Publisher: InterMix
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / B&N / Indigo
In the latest from the author of One Night, tragedy causes a young woman to struggle to keep her head above water, and the only one who can help her is the guy who’s been in the friend zone for the past year…

Every time life throws Zoe Adler a curve ball, she changes her appearance. Freshmen year—after almost following her mother’s alcoholic footsteps—she said good-bye to her blonde, girl-next-door image and opted for jet black hair and piercings galore. After her brother Wyatt’s death, she escapes to the city to teach a summer art program for kids. Her black hair goes blue, and she finds solace in the arms of a longtime friend, in his heart, and in his bed—but her guilt makes her unable to accept the love he wants to give.

Spock might the guy to save Zoe. But when she learns the truth about his past, the edge she’s teetered on since losing Wyatt drops out from under her. The girl who kept it together fore everyone finally fall apart. Now Zoe must choose between drowning in guilt about Wyatt or asking for help. But even if she gets the help she needs, Spock may not be waiting for her when she’s ready to let love in.

Earlier this year, I discovered A.J. Pine by reading One Night and I absolutely loved it. I was so excited when I heard there would be a companion novel, especially since it was going to be about one of my favourite characters from One Night. Needless to say that I absolutely loved One Life

Zoe Adler has always been the one who keeps it together. That’s how she’s gotten to where she is. But when her younger brother dies, Zoe isn’t sure how she’s supposed to be holding it together anymore. Her solution is to escape to the city and to throw herself in teaching art to kids for the summer. When Spock shows up on her doorstep, though, Zoe sees him as an escape. A way to keep going when nothing around her makes sense anymore. But as much as he might want to save Zoe, Spock has some secrets of his own. Secrets that, if they come to light, might send Zoe over the edge. Zoe can only keep drowning in her guilt for so long before she can’t find her way back to the surface. But asking for help could mean losing Spock, the one person Zoe has been able to hold onto in the middle of everything else.

Earlier this year, I kind of half stumbled upon A.J. Pine’s One Night. I say half stumbled because I hadn’t really heard about it when I requested it on NetGalley, but once it landed on my Kindle, I started seeing it everywhere, possibly because I was actually aware of the book at that point. The point is that I loved One Night and I was definitely looking forward to reading more from A.J. Pine, especially if it was going to feature a certain character from One Night. And with One Life, I absolutely got my wish. One Life was an emotional read to say the very least and at times it wasn’t always easy to read. I mean, within the first twenty person of the book, I had already teared up a couple times. Whenever a story revolves around a character losing someone close to them, you know it’s going to be emotional. Combine that with addiction issues, and you know the story is bound to pull at your heartstrings. But despite the serious subject matter, One Life didn’t feel like a heavy story. I mean, yeah, I was close to tears on many occasions, but there were just as many times when I was laughing at Zoe and Spock. And that’s what made me love this story so much. A.J. Pine could have written a story that was just pilling on the heartbreak, she wrote the heartbreak in a way that gave you hope for the characters and balanced the darkness that was there. And that made me love this story.

When I read One Night earlier this year, Zoe was a total standout for me. The story may not have been about her, but I loved her so much by the time I finished reading. When I learned that One Life was going to be about her, I was pretty much ecstatic. A whole book about someone I loved when they were just a secondary character? Yes, please! And finding out more about Zoe in this book only made me love her more. Zoe was such a strong person. And I admired her for that. But at the same time, it felt like she was hiding behind her strength. I just wanted her to let someone in, to let someone see that she wasn’t quite as okay as she let on. And that’s where Spock came in. I loved him. He tried so much to be there for Zoe, even when she was biting his head off for it. He just understood her in a way that no one else around her seemed to. And he was just so perfect for her and in the face of everything, I was totally rooting for them. And I loved getting to see Jess and Adam again. Seeing that they are getting the happily ever after they so deserve. And much like Zoe was a stand out for me in One Night, Dee was a total standout in One Life and I would totally read a book about her. Or one about Patrick because he was pretty amusing too. 

I loved A.J. Pine’s One Life. A story that had the potential to be dark and heavy ended up being a story that both broke and warmed my heart. I can only hope that A.J. Pine continues to write stories featuring characters from this world.


If you haven't read A.J. Pine's One Night and want to do so here's your chance. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win one (1) of two (2) Kindle copies of the book! And if you want to find out more, check out the review I posted earlier this year!

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