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Mini Review - Carry Me Home by Lia Riley

Title: Carry Me Home (Off the Map #3.1)
Author: Lia Riley
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
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Love doesn’t have to be perfect to be true…

Years ago, Tanner Green loved Sunny Letman. She was meant to be his first kiss, his first love, first everything. Then their world spun upside-down and out of control.

Free-spirited Sunny doesn’t do commitment. Sure, guys are great for a night or a week, but she always leaves first. That is, until professional skateboarder and town golden boy, Tanner Green, unexpectedly walks back into her life.

Despite their broken history, a fragile and undeniably electric connection still holds them together. Now Tanner has to convince Sunny that even though love isn’t always perfect, it’s worth sticking around for…

I’m not usually a fan of novellas. Many times, I feel like it’s just a way for publishers to get even more of my money. But there are times when I really enjoy novellas and actually look forward to reading them. And that was the case with Lia Riley’s Carry Me Home.

Tanner and Sunny have a history. When they were kids, they were supposed to be each other’s first everything. But things never turn out the way they are supposed to. After everything fell apart, Sunny and Tanner grew apart, but they never forgot about that time they shared. Now, Sunny doesn’t get attached to anyone. She’s seen what getting attached to men has done to her mother, and the last thing she wants is to be like that woman. But when Tanner walks back into her life, Sunny can’t help but feel connected to him. They share a history, after all. And unlike her, Tanner is more than willing to stick around. He just has to convince Sunny that getting attached doesn’t always end in disaster.

I really enjoyed the three main books in Lia Riley’s Off the Map series, but all three books were very much focused on Bran and Talia’s story. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because I really loved reading their story. But the whole time I was reading, I couldn’t help but be curious about some of the other people that were mentioned, whether they were Talia’s friends or Bran’s friends and family. I can’t help it. I’m just a curious person who wants to know all there is to know about everyone. That’s why I’m so drawn to companion novels, but that’s not really the point here. I was curious about other people featured in the Off the Map world so I was happy to find out that Lia Riley was writing novellas about Talia’s two best friends. Carry Me Home was the first of those and I pretty much devoured it. I wanted to know all about Sunny and Tanner and their shared past. I wanted to know why Tanner behaved the way he did with Talia after Talia’s sister, who also happened to be his girlfriend, died. And I wanted to find out more about why Sunny was so afraid of commitment. I’m just a curious person, it is what it is. So all that to say I loved reading about Sunny and Tanner, finding out more about them and seeing them find a way to go back to being those two kids who were supposed to be all of each other’s firsts. And though their romance was off to a bit of a rocky start, I loved the way it all came together and I was happy with where it went.

Carry Me Home was a great for helping me satisfy my curiosity about some of the other characters in the Off the Map world. But as I often do with novellas, I couldn’t help but want the story to be longer. I got hooked on Sunny and Tanner and I wanted more. But I was still more than satisfied with what I got.

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