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Mini Review - Into My Arms by Lia Riley

Title: Into My Arms (Off the Map #3.2)
Author: Lia Riley
Publisher: Forever Yours
Release Date: September 8, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / B&N / Indigo
“You’re here because I want to touch you.”

Beth Jacobs spends her days slogging away in a corporate “fish bowl,” as a hard-working assistant for one of North America’s youngest dot-com billionaires. Aleksander “Z” Zavtra is the definition of dark and dangerous with a sexy Eastern European snarl. He’s also ruthless. Curt. Exacting. An infuriating man she loves to hate. While Beth hardly sees him, it’s as if he’s always watching her…

Z doesn’t do romance. But he never expected to be captivated by a whip-smart, fiery assistant who just so happens to share an uncanny resemblance to the beautiful face that haunts his dreams. He craves Beth. He wants to stroke her skin, to feel her heat beneath him. And what Z wants, he gets. And for one weekend, the lines between employer and employee are blurred as Z and Beth give themselves completely to the dark pleasures they’ve both been dreaming about.

I have mixed feelings as far as novellas are concerned. But every so often, there are some that come along where I feel like they actually add something to the overall story they are a part of. When that’s the case, I’m all for those novellas, and that’s what I got with Lia Riley’s Into My Arms.

Beth Jacobs knows very little about the man who signs her paycheques. They might exchange hundreds of instant messages a day, but all Beth really knows is the same thing the world knows about Aleksander “Z” Zavtra, the Eastern European billionaire at the head of Zavtra Tech. Z has always kept to himself. But he can’t get Beth out of his assistant, not just because his assistant is smart and beautiful, but because she looks just like girl who haunts his memories. When Z decides that Beth is who he wants, Beth will find herself crossing all the lines she never considered crossing before.

Late last year, I absolutely devoured Lia Riley’s Off the Map series, and in the year since, I’ve read every book she has published. I’ve just become a little addicted to her brand of romance. So earlier this year, I read the first novella for the Off the Map series and really enjoyed finding out more about Sunny and Tanner. And when I was done, I was looking forward to Into My Arms and finding out more about Beth and Z, Talia’s other best friend and Bran’s old boarding school roommate, respectively. I’m a curious person by nature so I always finding out more about characters that were sort of in the periphery in other parts of the story. I wanted to know more about Beth since she was someone else who was really affected by Talia’s sister’s death. And I wanted to find out more about Z just because he was always so mysterious. But Bran liked him, so there had to be something there. And I definitely got my answers. There was a whole lot more going on with Z than I could have ever imagined. And I kinda wanted to punch Beth’s parents for what they did to her. For that matter, I pretty much wanted to beat up Z’s dad because that guy seemed like a serious ass. And though I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the romance considering the way it started, U was happy with the way it all came together by the end of the novella. It wouldn’t necessarily be something I would go for normally, but for Beth and Z, it worked.

Into My Arms was just the glimpse I was looking for when it came to finding out more about Beth and Z. But my ultimate struggle with novellas is that I can’t help but wish the story were longer. I would have totally read a full length book about Beth and Z.

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