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Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley

Title: Finding Perfect
Author: Kendra C. Highley
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Release Date: September 14, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
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How far will you go for perfection?

For “Perfect Paige” Westfield, today is “D” Day. As in, she just got one on her calculus test. With her dreams of Stanford, her reputation, and her parents’ expectations at stake, Paige needs to find a way to save face before everything she’s worked for goes up in flames.

Ben Franklin (yes, he’s related) is from the wrong side of town, with the wrong clothes and the wrong kind of life. He also knows an opportunity when he sees one, and he’ll be happy to tutor Paige—if she makes him into the kind of guy her best friend, the hottest girl in school, will date.

It’s the perfect arrangement. And Paige is determined not even the inconvenient—and utterly imperfect—attraction simmering between her and Ben will ruin it…

Anytime I write a review for one of the books from Entangled's Crush imprint, I start worrying that I'm beginning to sound a little like a broken record. But I can't help it, I've been loving all the books they've been putting out. And that holds true for the latest one, Kendra C. Highley's Finding Perfect.

A D on a calculus test is the worst thing that could happen to Paige. After all, she is "Perfect Paige" and she has a reputation to uphold and parental expectations to meet. She needs to find a way to fix her grade, but Paige just doesn't get calculus. Enter Ben, the boy who witnesses Paige's breakdown and offers to help. There's only one catch: girls don't notice Ben, so in exchange for helping her, he wants Paige to make him into the kind of guy her best friend would want to date. It should work out perfectly. Except for the fact that something more seems to be developing between Paige and Ben.

Guys, Finding Perfect was so freaking cute. I mean, based on the description I had a feeling it was going to be cute, I just didn't necessarily expect it to be this adorable. But it was. I love stories where the person who's supposed to be the matchmaker ends up falling for one of the people they're setting up. It always leads to some interesting situations and makes for a great story when it's done well. With Finding Perfect it was, to make a bad joke, perfect. And I say that because for me it totally was. Even though it happens in most romance books, one of the things that gets to me the most is how the couple will get together until one of them does something to screw it up, forcing them to break up and then get back together again after things get cleared up. But Finding Perfect didn't do that. Once Ben and Paige got together, they were together. Sure there were some obstacles along the way but they didn't break up only to get back together. And they were just so freaking adorable together and I dare you to read this story and not root for them. 

I've already established that Ben and Paige were super adorable together, but they were pretty great as individuals too. Paige was always determined to please everyone, focusing so much on the way people saw her, even if it was to her own detriment. The whole time I was reading, I was hoping that she would finally start doing what she wanted to do intend of what people expected her to do. I just wanted her to be happy and to be herself. And Ben brought out the best in her. Around him she was able to actually be herself and that person was pretty great. And Ben himself was freaking adorable. I loved how much he loved his mom. And I loved how he wasn't afraid to tell Paige's parents off. And the boy came with cookies. What more could you possibly ask for. For real, I wouldn't mind Ben for myself if he wasn't so absolutely perfect for Paige. 

I loved Kendra C. Highley's Finding Perfect. This story was all kinds of adorable and I would have gladly kept on reading about Ben and Paige forever. They were just that fantastic and fun to read about. 

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