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The Lies that Bind by Lisa & Laura Roecker

Title: The Lies that Bind (The Liar Society #2)
Author: Lisa & Laura Roecker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / Book Depository
Just when Kate Lowry thought she had life at elite private school Pemberly Brown figured out, she cracks open a fortune cookie to find a message from her best friend Grace--who's supposed to be dead.

Another Sister Gone

A classmate has gone missing, and Kate soon realizes that the disappearance is tied to the secret societies that rule her private school. Her best friend died for their secrets, and there's no way she'll let them get away with it twice. It's up to quirky outsider Kate to get some answers, but in a school where every answer leads to more questions an nothing's as it seems, who can she trust?
I had really enjoyed The Liar Society when I read it last year, so I was really looking forward to reading the sequel, The Lies that Bind. And this sequel turned out to be just as good as the first book, and the mystery captured my attention from start to finish.

After what happened last semester, Kate promised she would stop trying to take down the secret societies that run her elite prep school. But just because she promised the should stop doesn't mean Kate actually stopped messing with secret society business. And now the secret societies of Pemberly Brown Academy are back at it, this time with one of their own going missing. Now Kate finds herself caught up in society business once again and this time she doesn't know who she can trust. And to make things worse, those she was sure she could count on are turning their backs on her. Kate just doesn't know what she's supposed to do anymore.

I am a sucker for any story that involves the smallest amount of mystery so the Liar Society books are right up my alley. But the great thing about The Lies that Bind is that not only does it involve, mystery, it also has all these great moments that just put a smile on you face, and sometimes they might just make you laugh (especially if Seth is involved). The story itself was also pretty great. Right from the beginning I found myself getting wrapped up in it. And the mystery itself kept me on my toes the whole way through. I just couldn't seem to figure out who was behind it all until it was all laid out in front of me. And even then because of all the previous twists and turns I wasn't sure if they had the right person.

Once again, Kate was a great character and a great narrator. I love her voice and she manages to tell what is happening to her in a very unique way. What I especially like about her is that she can tell that what she's doing isn't necessarily the greatest idea and that definitely comes out in the way she tells her story and that of the people around her. Though she still took most of what happened to her in stride, I could tell that it was getting harder for her to deal with it all, especially when it came to what it was costing her to do what she was doing. And once again, Seth was always there, ready to step in whenever Kate needed his help. Like I've mentioned before, he was often quite good at putting a smile on my face while I was reading. The other characters kind of threw me for a loop. I never really knew who I was supposed to trust. Even with Liam who is supposed to be Kate's boyfriend, I wasn't always sure if I was supposed to be trusting him. And the same goes for Bradley, though I knew I shouldn't really trust him, I found myself wanting to do so. It was all interesting how there was a little reversal of roles going on.

Overall, The Lies that Bind was a fantastic sequel to The Liar Society. There was that same mystery that I loved in the first book, and even more of it if you ask me. And with the way things ended, I can't wait to see how it will all come together in the final book in the trilogy.

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