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Whatever It Takes by L.E. Bross

Title: Whatever It Takes (Second Chances #2)
Author: L.E. Bross
Publisher: Pocket Star
Release Date: December 14, 2015
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / B&N / Indigo
Tess is burdened with a responsibility she’s not quite sure she can handle, and Ryan is determined to save her from it—if she ever stops pushing him away—in this sexy follow up to Right Where You Are, the first new adult novel in the captivating Second Chances series.

Tess is a lot of things. Strong. Independent. Determined. Completely overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being her little brother’s caretaker. But she can handle it. She has to. Because there’s no way in hell she’s letting anyone else raise Noah.

Ryan’s happy with a life on cruise control. He has no intention of tying himself down. That road only leads to heartbreak, a lesson he learned the hard way when he was fifteen. So why can’t he stay away from the one woman who broke his heart?

Tess knows exactly why Ryan keeps popping up right when she needs the most help: He’s got a hero complex big enough to save Cinderella. But Tess isn’t that girl, and she refuses to let him be part of her life. Not even when Noah takes a liking to him. Not even when they kind of, maybe, hook up.

Not even when she starts to fall for him…

A few weeks ago, I discovered L.E. Bross’s first New Adult novel and I was hooked. And I wanted more. So when I saw that a companion to that first novel was available? I couldn’t click fast enough. And I might have loved Whatever It Takes even more than I did that first book.

Tess never saw her life going the way its going. But she couldn’t imagine herself doing anything but taking care of her little brother. And she won’t let anyone take that little boy away from her. When push comes to shove, she would do anything for Noah. But she’s determined to do it on her own. When she crosses paths with Ryan, the boy she loved when she was fifteen, she knows he would do anything he could to help her. It’s just who Ryan is. Tess just doesn’t know if she could take losing him again. Ryan is happy with the way his life is, but when he sees Tess again, he can’t seem stay away no matter how much he knows that he should. The first time they were together, things didn’t work out. Are Tess and Ryan willing to do whatever it takes this time around?

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon L.E. Bross’s Right Where You Are, and fell a little bit in love with the story and the characters. When I found out that there was going to be companion novel, I was excited. And when I found out how soon that companion novel was going to be available, I became even more excited. So when I got my hands on Whatever It Takes, I had no choice but to start reading it right away. I had been curious about Ryan while reading the first book and I was looking forward to reading his story. And his story didn’t disappoint me. I am a sucker for second chance romances, and this one was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I loved every minute of this story. It made me smile, it warmed my heart, and it broke my heart a little as well. Despite everything that goes on, it was just the kind of feel good story that I love.

I was curious about Ryan pretty much from the moment that I met him Right Where You Are. So Whatever It Takes being all about him? Yeah, I was all over that. And the more I got to know him, the more I fell for him. He was the sweetest most caring person. And this guy also had the biggest hero complex I’ve seen in a long time. But it worked for him. And made me love him that much more. And just as much as I loved Ryan, I loved Tess. I loved how independent she was and how she was determined to take car of herself and her little brother. Granted there were times when I wanted to tell her that she should take up Ryan on his offer to help because there was nothing he wanted more than to help her. But that didn’t stop me from loving her. The person who really stole the show was Noah, Tess’s little brother. He was adorable and pretty much put a smile on my face every time he spoke. And him and Ryan together? My heart just melted. And I’m clearly a sucker for books with little kids in them.

If it wasn’t obvious, I loved L.E. Bross’s Whatever It Takes. It was the second chance romance story that I needed and one that I want to recommend to everyone I know who loves New Adult and romance.

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