Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Tour - Happy Birthday to Me

Today I have the pleasure of having Brian Rowe, author of the Happy Birthday to Me trilogy, here on the blog as part of his blog tour. He will be answering some questions, so be sure to keep reading to find out what he has to say.

Coffee or Tea: Tea. I like a latte from time to time, but anything coffee usually upsets my stomach. I prefer a tall hot glass of chamomile tea.

Summer or Winter: Winter. As much as I love summer, I have to go with winter. I love winter because it's the time for my favorite holidays, like Christmas, and the best films of the year, during Oscar season. 

Day or Night: Night. I love horror films, so how could I possibly pick Day?? I also do my best writing at night, after everyone's gone to sleep, after the sun's gone down, when it's quiet and I can concentrate on my work.

Light or Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate. Always. I love the taste, and I love that it has antioxidants that have been proven to prevent cancer! Bring on the dark chocolate!

Mac or PC: Mac. I switched over to the Mac in October of 2002 to use the editing software Final Cut Pro, and I've never looked back since. 

Sweet or Salty: Sweet. I'm just like my grandma: I've got the biggest sweet tooth. The day is never complete without a bite of something sweet after dinner, even it's just a wedge of chocolate or a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream!

Physical Book or E-Book: Physical Book. As great as the e-book revolution has been for indie authors like me, I always prefer a physical book. I actually haven't even read an e-book in full yet. But maybe that will change in the coming years.

Outdoors or Indoors: Indoors. I do love the outdoors, and I try to get out everyday, for a jog, for a hike, for golf, for skiing. But at the end of the day, I love the indoors, because it allows me to curl up with my cat on my bed, or write my book, all with the glory of air conditioning.

Handwrite or Type: Type. All the way. I do love the intimacy of handwriting, but it's 2011. It's just not practical anymore.

Phone Call or Text: Text. Up until 2006 I refused to use texting, because I didn't like to type out my conversations with others. But now I'd say 95% of my cell phone use is texting. I still prefer talking to someone over the phone versus texting, but let's be honest: texting's easier!

Movies or TV: Movies. I've been a huge movie buff ever since I was a little kid. In fact I'd say film is my number one passion in life. Rarely a day goes by when I don't watch a movie. I do love television, too; I'm currently making my way through about nine or ten TV shows at the same time! But movies are my go-to at night after dinner. My favorite film of all time is Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard, and my favorite director is the great Alfred Hitchcock.

E-mail or Snail Mail: E-mail. Again, like handwriting, snail mail is quickly becoming obsolete. It just costs less, and takes less time, to send our bills and letters and information by e-mail. I remember in 2005 or 2006 receiving a letter from a friend through snail mail, and it was like I had time travelled back to the early 90's. I do think we should handwrite a letter to an old friend, like, once a year, just for fun. Maybe I'll try doing that before 2011's remaining days pass me by! 

Thank you to Brian Rowe for stopping by and be sure to keep following the rest of the tour through The Teen Book Scene's website!

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