About Me

About the blog:
This blog is primarily a book blog. I post reviews of books I read and give my opinion on these. I will also post anything book related like new releases and occasionally about books being made into movies. 

About me:

    My name is Emilie and I have always loved books. Since I was a little kid I always had books around me and my love for reading has only grown over the years. What I read has changed over time and now I seem to be settled on Young Adult novels...though I will read just about anything.
    I am a university student and books are a good way to get away from academics and the dry writing of textbooks. Books have always been an escape for me, but even more so now that I am constantly having to read academic material.
    Books aren't my only love. I love music, sports and movies. I will listen to just about any type of music, with some minor exceptions, and same goes for watching movies. I am also a big sports fan, having been a competitive athlete all through middle and high school.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:
or can find me on Twitter @emiliebookworld and Goodreads
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